I’ve adopted a Pixen!

Just over a week ago, Andy Matuschak, of Sparkle fame, asked for volunteers to adopt his Pixen project. It’s a pixel-based image editor for Mac OS X, and Andy just doesn’t have the time to maintain it or add features for the upcoming 4.0 release. So I offered my services. I figured I may be more successful working on an already established project rather than creating my own from scratch. You can follow my progress at GitHub and some of my code has already been integrated into the main Pixen repository there.

So far my efforts have been limited to project cleanup, modernization, and house keeping. I expect this to be a great learning experience for me going forward and I’ll be posting code updates as I understand more of the Pixen code. Right now my priorities are fixing all of the warnings I created with new compiler options, updating the Obj-C syntax and Cocoa API’s used, and taking a look at the performance. Plus we’ll all be discussing exactly what new features to add for version 4.

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