CoRD, Pixen, and the passage of time…

It has been nearly two years since I last updated this blog and a lot has happened.

First, my Pixen fork is dead. I’m sorry but I found it rather difficult to spend time on a project I for which had no personal use. Luckily Pixen’s original creators have started updating the project once again. They released version 3.5.10b1 just a few weeks ago. It also looks like they’re taking the project commercial on the app store. Anyone looking for a good pixel editor should give it a try.

Second, I’ve recently started hacking on CoRD, an RDP client for OS X. I’m currently a windows server admin for my university and I needed a good RDP client. Microsoft’s official client just wasn’t cutting it for the number of servers I connect to on a daily basis and its stability was rather poor. So far I’ve modernized the code a bit, moved the minimum requirements to 64-bit on 10.6, and added one new feature, the ability to set a default username, password, and domain for new connections. I’ve also begun refactoring some of the more egregious metafiles (1000+ line AppController). Anyone interested can track my fork here and download my latest build here. I’m very interested in getting CoRD switched from rdesktop to FreeRDP but have hit a few obstacles along the way. But I have finally gotten FreeRDP playing nice with Xcode so I’ll be working on it more over my spring break next week.

Finally, I’ll be graduating with a degree in computer science at the end of April. In the mean time I’ll continue hacking away on CoRD and hope to make some sort of contribution by the time I find a job. Speaking of which, I should probably put my resume up here somewhere.